AD or No AD at East Carolina that is the question?

With Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting at East Carolina, it doesn’t give Pirate Nation hope that there will be an athletic director hired any time soon.  If there has ever been a time when we needed leadership in the athletic department, then now is the time.  East Carolina University prides itself on its athletics program.  Over the last five years, we have seen things take a nose dive.  With Terry Holland forced to retire and then hire Jeff Compher to the firing of Ruffin McNeill and replaced by Scottie Montgomery, the trouble times have come to the university.

The board of trustees met yesterday and no decision was made.  Pirate Nation has become restless as seven months as gone by with no leader driving the ship!  I guess you could say the chewing gum has lost its flavor.  Dave Hart is suppose to have some type of permanent leadership role.  This will be a quick fix, but Hart is a good man who loves East Carolina.  This is where he started and probably ends his career.

We all know Pirate Football stirs the drink.  There is no doubt that the program has to be healthy.  After all, it is the major source of revenue for the athletic program.  When you see a lot of empty seats at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, then that means the school is losing lots of income.  The fans have only one real effective way to vote their feelings about issues with the football program and athletics department.

Pirate Nation is ready for 2019 and beyond!  There is a bright future, despite all the problems over the last five years.  The athletic department is faced with hiring an AD, Women’s Basketball, and maybe a football coach.  Howard Jones had a song in the ’80s called, “Things Can Only Get Better.”  That is certainly the theme in my head for 2019!Dave Hart